SKEYE E-Booking online is a state-of-the-art e-booking solution reservation service. It was designed to give your customers a user – friendly application and better access your system securely from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection, any where in the world. Easy access to your airline's flight schedules, prices and seat availability as well as ticket reservation. We will engage with you an easy transition and continue to work with you through implementation and product adoption. This enables you to more quickly derive an optimal return on your investment. Available as a stand alone solution or complimentary to all Skeye Aviation System Products and Services.



With the help of the virtual agent, the customer inputs his information in an electronic form and receives instant feedback. E-ticketing offers the following:
• better availability to ticket reservation service;
• flight availability;
• price verification;
• schedule verification.

It verifies data with a reservation system such as SITA to then transmit results to the customer. It allows you to target a larger customer base. The addition of a customer profile management module is possible allowing the customers to save their personal information for future use. It also gives the possibility to create a distribution list to reach your customers by targeted group, by means of a newsletter.