Skeye Flight Operations Management solution. Available as a standalone solution or complimentary to all Skeye Aviation System Products and Services.

Here is an overview of our user-friendly Skeye Central - Flight Operations software: (8) main verification activities:


Seamlessly manages flight equipment and crew scheduling, operator’s notification and alerts, done step by step with a verification control.




The Steps

Each activity passes through the following steps :

1.   Profile Verification and validity of crew members: Certification, Passport & Visa, Medical, Training, Vacation, Time Off.


2.    Scheduling:

Facilitates the management of Crew Assignments and Aircraft Scheduling. System allows dispatcher to schedule RECURRENCE mode by daily / Weekly / Monthly. Skeye System Alert warns dispatcher, so no flights are ignored without an activity assigned and confirmed. Crew rest period alerts and new assignments. Summary view of each crew member Duty Time allotment, as per FAA and Transport Canada regulations.

3.  Aircraft Line-up:

Allows user to assign aircraft to specific routes, airports and activities and validate the assignment. (non-operational or in maintenance)


4. Airport Profile:

General airport information / current weather & runway conditions / tower control contact.

5. Flight Watch:

Dispatcher uses this interface to monitor the progress of a flight and crew members in real time and to update flight-specific information, such as leg over shoot / cancelation / leg add on / crew changes / aircraft change.


6. Verification:

This interface verifies that the information in the Pilot’s Log Book matches the information entered by the Dispatcher. Log Book Information can be retrieved at any time for FAA / Transport Canada verification and audits.


7. Flight Data Reports:

Reports can be easily retrieved by specific dates / schedules / aircraft / pilot / cabin crew.

8. Payroll interface:

Allows user to adjust the crew’s work time and confirms the entry. Payroll interface allows the user to generate reports for accounting. Data can also be exported directly to the company’s accounting software.